Zype is a versatile video distribution platform that simplifies content management and monetization. It enables easy publishing across digital platforms, offers insightful analytics, supports varied monetization methods, and suits both individual creators and businesses.

Zype's intuitive interface streamlines the upload, organization, and publication of videos, enhancing audience engagement across web and mobile. Its adaptable features cater to diverse needs, making it an ideal solution for optimizing video content strategies and revenue generation.

Supported Operations

Zype Platform

View App

List Categories

Create Category

View Category

Update category

Delete Category

List Devices Categories

View Device Category

List Devices

View Device

View GeoIP

Retrieve the GeoIP object for a specific IP Address

List Encoders

Retrieve a list of encoders from your account

View Encoder

Start an Encoder

Stop an Encoder

List Targets RTMP entries

Retrieve a list of target rtmp entries from your encoder

View Target RTMP entry

List Live Events

Create Live Event

View Live Event

Update live event

Delete live event

Archive a live event

Use this endpoint to archive your live event. Only perform this action once your event has ended.

Start broadcasting a live event

Use this endpoint to start broadcasting your live event.

Stop broadcasting a live event

Use this endpoint to end broadcasting your live event.

Retrieve manifest URL for live videos

Returns an object containing the ID and the masked URL for the manifest.

List Playlists

Create Playlist

Create a new Playlist

View Relationships

Returns a list of playlists and its relationships

View Playlist

Update Playlist

Delete Playlist

Add Videos

Add videos to a manual playlist

Remove Videos

Remove videos in a playlist

List Playlist Videos

List Program Guides

Create Program Guide

View Program Guide

Update Program Guide

Delete Program Guide

List Program Guide Entries

List Admin Users

Retrieve a list of administrative users on your property.

Create User

Add an admin user to your property

View User

Retrieve a single admin user from your site

Update user

Update a single user on your property

Remove an admin user from your property.

Admin users are global, and can have access to multiple zype properties. This method does not delete the user, it only removes it from your property.

List Video Imports

Create Video Import

Import a video from a 3rd party source url

View Video Import

Attach a Video to a Video Import

Attach a video import as a Source to a video in the library

List Video Sources

Create Video Source

Only MRSS video sources may be created via the API at this time.

View Video Source

Update Video Source

Delete a Video Source

List Videos

Retrieve a list of videos from your library

Create Video

Add a video to your library

Create Self Hosted Video

Create and add a Self Hosted Video to your library

View Video

Retrieve a single video from your library

Update Video

Update a single video from your library

Delete Video

Delete Video

List Ad Timings

List Ad Timings for each Ad-Timeable Data Source

Add Zobject(s)

Add one or multiple Zobjects to your video

List Ad Timings for Single Data Source

List Ad Timings for single Ad-Timeable Data Source

Create Ad Timing

Create new Ad Timing on Data Source

View Ad Timing

Retrieve a single Ad Timing from your Video/Data Source

Update Ad Timing

Update a single Ad Timing

Destroy Ad Timing

Destroy a single Ad Timing

Download Video

Download the original source file for your video

Remove Zobject

Remove one or multiple Zobjects from your video

List Segments

List Segments

Create Segment

Create Segment

View Segment

View Segment

Update Segment

Update Segment

Delete Segment

Delete Segment

Create Subtitle Playlist

Create Subtitle Playlist

Delete Subtitle Playlist

Delete Subtitle Playlist

List Subtitles

List Subtitles

Create Subtitle

Create Subtitle

View Subtitle

View Subtitle

Update Subtitle

Update Subtitle


This item is available for early access. It is still in development and may contain experimental features or limitations.

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