This node integrates TAG Video Systems' MCM-9000, which is a software based IP monitoring solution combined with a state of the art IP Multiviewer for all broadcast layers to include un-compressed 2022-6/7 & 2110; JPEG2000 TR-01; MPEG2/4/HEVC Transport Steams, and OTT. Use this node to control MCM-9000 features, functionalities, and configurations, including real-time manipulation and automation of video channels, layouts, and Mosaics.

The MCM-900 provides a complete monitoring solution for all the transmission layers starting from the TS packet header all the way down to the encoded video content and quality. In addition, MCM-9000 creates a visual mosaic from the monitored services with rich data overlay, supplying the operator with a strong tool for error detection and alerting.


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