Description is an AI-powered service that develops open AI models for a variety of applications, including image, language, audio, video, 3D, and biology.

The company offers several different services that utilize these models, including Dream Studio, HarmonAI, Carpen AI, Deep Floyd, and ClipDrop. These services are designed to help users and developers create high-quality visual and audio content quickly and efficiently, leveraging the power of AI to achieve better results in less time.'s expertise and resources make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to incorporate AI into their creative or technical work.

Supported Operations REST API


List all engines available to your organization/user


Modify an image based on a text prompt


Selectively modify portions of an image using a mask


Create a higher resolution version of an input image. This operation outputs an image with a maximum pixel count of **4,194,304**. This is equivalent to dimensions such as `2048x2048` and `4096x1024`. By default, the input image will be upscaled by a factor of 2. For additional control over the output dimensions, a `width` or `height` parameter may be specified.


Generate a new image from a text prompt


Get information about the account associated with the provided API key


Get the credit balance of the account/organization associated with the API key

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