Jet is a cutting-edge software solution from Signiant, designed to securely streamline and accelerate large file transfers across the internet. It offers a highly efficient and automated workflow for businesses dealing with massive data volumes, enabling quick and reliable transfers of media, data, and other large files. Jet optimizes bandwidth usage and ensures files reach their destination promptly, regardless of their size.

Tailored to meet the demands of media and entertainment, gaming, and other industries reliant on fast and secure file exchange, Signiant Jet simplifies the complexities of data transfer and boosts overall productivity for organizations dealing with high volumes of data daily.

Supported Operations

Signiant Jet API

List all endpoints

Lists all endpoints associated with the account. Endpoints provide creation and activity details, device information, and the `endpointId` required to create jobs.

View endpoint details

Retrieve an endpoint by endpointId

Update endpoint

Update an endpoint\'s name by specifying a `name` field with a value.

List all jobs

List all jobs associated with the account Trigger types are only included in Hot Folder jobs. Triggerless jobs do not include the `triggers` array.

Create a job

Create a new job using a source and destination endpoint that are connected via a route in the Signiant Console. The `postTransfer` object can be omitted if not required. Only one `postTransfer` action type can be enabled at a time.

Search job files

Search for transferred files matching the search request.

Search jobs

Search all of the jobs in the system returning up to 100 along with the total matching count.

View job details

Retrieve a job record.

Change job status

Change a job status. The supported update operations are: <br /> - Pause/Resume <br /> - Stop (Manual job)<br /> - Schedule configuration<br /> - Growing file transfer options

Delete a job

Delete a job record.

File list for a Triggerless Job

Initiate a job using a list of files or folders to transfer.

Get job delivery

Retrieve information about a delivery created for a specific Job.

Get files transferred by job

Retrieve a list of files transferred by a given job.

List a job\'s transfers

Retrieve a list of in progress transfers associated with a job.

Get a job transfer

List a specific transfer for a job

List storage profiles

Retrieve a list of created storage profiles.

Create storage profile

Create a storage profile

Add partner storage profile

Partner storage profiles allow intercompany transfers between organizations using Signiant Jet. For more information about partner storage profiles, see [Creating Partner Jobs](

Search storage profile statuses

Search all of the storage statuses in the system.

Delete the storage profile

Delete the storage profile if it is not currently used by any jobs.

Generate a storage profile code

Generate a one-time use code for sharing this storage profile resource.

Get all subscriptions associated with your account

Get all subscriptions for Signiant platform events associated with the user\'s account

Create a subscription for Jet events

Create a subscription to receive webhook or email notifications from Signiant Jet. <br />Webhooks can be sent for any available event category and event type. Email notifications are only permitted on `JET_TRANSFER` and `JET_DELIVERY` event categories.<br /><br />**Events**<br />- `JET_TRANSFER`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.transfer.queued`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.transfer.inProgress`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.transfer.failed`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.transfer.canceled`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.transfer.completed`<br />- `JET_DELIVERY`<br /> - ``<br /> - ``<br /> - ``<br /> - ``<br /> - ``<br /> - ``<br />- `STORAGE_PROFILE`<br /> - `com.signiant.storageProfile.created`<br /> - `com.signiant.storageProfile.deleted`<br />- `JET_JOB`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.job.created`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.job.paused`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.job.resumed`<br /> - `com.signiant.jet.job.deleted`<br />- `ENDPOINT`<br /> - `com.signiant.endpoint.created`<br /> - `com.signiant.endpoint.deleted`<br /> - ``<br /> - `com.signiant.endpoint.offline`<br /> - `com.signiant.endpoint.modified`<br /><br />**Transfer Notification Aggregation**<br /> The `aggregationConfig` object accepts an `aggregationWindowInSeconds` parameter to set the aggregation period for notifications related to hot folder transfers.<br /> <br /> For more information see [Working With Jet Webhook Notifications]( or [Working With Jet Email Notifications](

Get a subscription for Signiant platform events

Get a specific subscription by the subscription id.

Delete a subscription for Signiant platform events

Delete a subscription to stop receiving Signiant platform event notifications.


This item is available for early access. It is still in development and may contain experimental features or limitations.

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