Merapar is a technology consulting and software engineering company, specializing in cloud, security and media solutions for content providers, broadcasters, platform operators and OTT streamers. The focus is on developing and delivering strategic infrastructures, workflows, and consumer-facing applications that are designed to be scalable, robust, repeatable, and cost-effective.

Merapar’s MDK APIs provide operations to create, retrieve, update, and delete Stream resources, as well as the management of the underlying Amazon Web Services infrastructure, including AWS components like MediaConnect, MediaLive, MediaPackage and Cloudfront to enable dynamic event channels, and for tasks such as slate insertion and input switching.

Additionally, Merapar offers the user additional MDK endpoints to their Playback Service and Playout management via AWS MediaLive.

Supported Operations


Get deployment info

Return generic information about the deployed solution (things like reqion / account id).

Get all streams

Get all streams. This endpoint is synchronous.

Create a stream

Creates a stream and its associated assets. This endpoint is asynchronous.

Get an stream.

Get an stream and its details. This endpoint is synchronous.

Update a stream.

Update a stream. This endpoint is asynchronous.

Delete a stream.

Delete a stream. This endpoint is asynchronous.

Get available (dynamic) input files.

Returns all files available in the S3 bucket for the current DYNAMIC_MP4 input (including subfolders). Note that the response currently does not paginate. Listing is limited to 1000 files.


This item is available for early access. It is still in development and may contain experimental features or limitations.

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