MediaSilo is a cloud-based media asset management and collaboration platform designed for creative professionals and media teams. It provides a secure and centralized hub for storing, organizing, and sharing digital media files, such as videos, images, and documents.

With MediaSilo, users can easily access their media assets from anywhere, collaborate with team members in real-time, and streamline their workflows. The platform offers advanced features like version control, metadata tagging, and customizable permissions to ensure efficient project management. MediaSilo also integrates with popular editing software and supports seamless file sharing, making it a comprehensive solution for media production and distribution.

Supported Operations

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Get assets

Create asset

Create upload ticket

Add a new version

Get versions

Update a version

Delete a version

Change the active version

Update asset

Get metadata

Add metadata

Update metadata

Delete all metadata

Get metadata key value

Change metadata key value

Delete metadata by its key

Get asset

Delete asset by ID

Get all distribution lists

Create distribution list

Update distribution list

Get distribution list

Update distribution list

Delete distribution list

Get folders

Create folder

Get folder

Get assets

Delete all assets

Copy asset to a folder

Move asset to a folder

Get subfolders

Update folder

Delete folder

Move folder to a project

Move folder

Get all playlists

Create playlist

Get playlist

Update playlist

Delete playlist

Get assets

Get folders

Get assets by folder

Get sub folders by folder

Get spotlights

Create a spotlight

Get templates

Create a spotlight template

Get template by ID

Update a spotlight template

Delete template

Get spotlight by ID

Update a spotlight

Delete a spotlight

Get playlist assets for a spotlight

Get playlist asset for spotlight

Get playlist folders for spotlight

Get playlist assets within a folder for a spotlight

Get playlist subfolders for a spotlight

Get a template for a given spotlight

Get all projects

Create a project

Update a project

Delete a project

Get a project by id

Get assets in project

Delete assets in a project

Copy asset to project

Move assets to another projects

Make a project a favorite

Remove a project as a favorite

Get folders in project

Invite user to project

Get roles for project

Create role in project

Update role in project

Get role for project

Remove role from project

Get users in project

Remove user from project

Assign new role to user in project

Update role for user in project

Clone a project

Get all links

Create link

Get link by id

Update link

Get link analytics

Get link assets

Get link asset

Get asset analytics

Get asset metadata

Get link asset versions

Get comments for asset

Create comment for asset

Update comment

Get comment for asset by ID

Delete comment

Get comments

Create comment for link

Update comment for link

Delete comment

Expire link

Get link's stats

Get comments for asset version

Get role templates

Create role template

Update role template

Get role template

Update role template

Delete role template

Get tags

Update a tag

Delete a tag

Get users

Create a user

Get tags

Get user

Update user

Delete user

Get project for user

Add a role to the user

Remove a role from the user

Create role templates for user

Update role templates for user

Get tags for user

Create tags for user

Update tags for user

Get all webhooks

Create webhook

Get a webhook by id

Update a webhook

Delete a webhook by ID


This item is available for early access. It is still in development and may contain experimental features or limitations.

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