The all-in-one cloud playout automation for broadcasters, publishers and content owners

Deliver compelling content quickly, reliably and at the highest quality on any given device: makalu is the software-defined cloud playout automation that helps you succeed in a competitive media landscape with changing audience habits.

makalu enables a full-featured end-to-end signal workflow – from ingest to distribution – and covers further media tasks such as storage, media management, transcoding, graphics, planning, playout and streaming.

makalu is designed for managing and distributing linear content to broadcast, IPTV, OTT and social media platforms. It runs on most public or hosted private clouds as well as on virtualized environments.

Supported Operations

Makalu Live API

HMS Automation API

Retrieves clips

Retrives clips over body request model allows to fetch multiple clips over the clip guid or player id

GET Handler of the cliplist controller use it to getting defined clips

Retrieves effects

Post an raw notitiy to distribute a websocket message to all connected clients

Post an api notitiy to distribute a websocket message to all connected clients

Retrieves players

Request/exec player funtions

Retrieves player list

Cue playlist (first clip of playlist per default otherwise indexed clip)

Retrieves status informations

Makalu Traffic API

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