JWP is the most powerful & flexible video platform powered by the fastest, most-used HTML5 online video player. The player, for embedding videos onto web pages, is used by news, video hosting companies, and for self-hosted web videos.

JW Player supports:

  • MPEG-DASH (only in paid version)
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) (in cooperation with Vualto)
  • interactive advertising
  • visual customization with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Supported Operations

JW Player V2 Management - Production

Query account usage

List player bidding configurations

Create a player bidding configuration

Get a player bidding configuration

Update a player bidding configuration

Create an advertising schedule

List advertising schedules

Get an advertising schedule

Update an advertising schedule

Update ad schedules with the player bidding configuration

Fetches an analytics report over a custom date range

List live channels

Create live channel

Get live channel

Update a live channel

Delete a live channel

Enable a live channel

Disable a live channel

List live events

Get a live event

Create a VOD asset by clipping an event

Download the master asset for the event

Publish the event

Request download availability of the master (highest-quality) version of the event.

Create an import

List imports

Get an import

Update an import

Delete an import

List media

Create a media

Get a media

Update a media

Delete a media

Create a media rendition

List media renditions

Get a media rendition

Delete a media rendition

List originals

Create an original

Get an original

Update an original

Delete an original

Reupload a media

List text tracks

Create a text track

Get a text track

Update a text track

Delete a text track

Publish a text track

Unpublish a text track

List media protection rules

Create a media protection rule

Get a media protection rule

Update a media protection rule

Update a media protection rule Copy

List players

Create a player

Get a player

Update a player

Delete a player

List playlists

Create an article matching playlist

Create a dynamic playlist

Create a manual playlist

Create a recommendations playlist

Create a search playlist

Create a trending playlist

Get a playlist

Delete a playlist

Update an article matching playlist

Get a dynamic playlist

Update a dynamic playlist

Delete a dynamic playlist

Get a manual playlist

Update a manual playlist

Update a recommendations playlist

Update a search playlist

Get a trending playlist

Update a trending playlist

Delete a trending playlist

Query site usage

Bulk remove tags

Bulk rename tags

Get the site protection rule

Update the site protection rule

Complete an upload

List upload parts

List webhooks

Create webhook

Get a webhook

Update a webhook

Delete a webhook

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