Google Cloud Text-to-Speech is a cloud-based service that allows developers to convert text into natural-sounding speech. With its advanced text-to-speech capabilities, this API enables the creation of lifelike and expressive audio output in multiple languages and voices. Some notable features of the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API include the ability to customize speech parameters such as pitch, speed, and volume, providing fine-grained control over the generated audio. It also supports various audio formats, making it flexible for integration into different applications and platforms.

The API offers extensive language support, enabling developers to generate speech in a wide range of languages and dialects, thus catering to diverse user needs.

Supported Operations

Cloud Text-to-Speech API

Delete a long-running operation

Deletes a long-running operation. This method indicates that the client is no longer interested in the operation result. It does not cancel the operation. If the server doesn't support this method, it returns `google.rpc.Code.UNIMPLEMENTED`.

Start asynchronous cancellation on a long-running operation

Starts asynchronous cancellation on a long-running operation. The server makes a best effort to cancel the operation, but success is not guaranteed. If the server doesn't support this method, it returns `google.rpc.Code.UNIMPLEMENTED`. Clients can use Operations.GetOperation or other methods to check whether the cancellation succeeded or whether the operation completed despite cancellation. On successful cancellation, the operation is not deleted; instead, it becomes an operation with an Operation.error value with a google.rpc.Status.code of 1, corresponding to `Code.CANCELLED`.

List operations

Lists operations that match the specified filter in the request. If the server doesn't support this method, it returns `UNIMPLEMENTED`.

Get the latest state of a long-running operation

Gets the latest state of a long-running operation. Clients can use this method to poll the operation result at intervals as recommended by the API service.

Synthesize long form text asynchronously

Synthesizes long form text asynchronously.

Synthesize speech synchronously

Synthesizes speech synchronously: receive results after all text input has been processed.

List voices

Returns a list of Voice supported for synthesis.

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