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This node integrates the DeepL API which provides programmatic access to DeepL machine translation technology. Spend less time translating and more time on the task at hand. No matter what or where you're translating, DeepL Pro ensures it's accurate, secure, and tailored to your needs. With DeepL, you’ll never have to compromise on quality again. Powered by neural networks and the latest AI innovations, our technology captures even the slightest nuances and reproduces them in translation, unlike any other service.

Unlimited text translation

Translate as much as you like without restriction on translation volume or number of characters per translation.

Translation of whole files

Change a document's language while retaining the original formatting for maximum time saving.

Expanded customization options

Take more control of the results DeepL Translator produces and make them your own.

Maximum data security

Enjoy world leading data protection standards and deletion of your texts immediately after the translation.

Supported Operations

DeepL API Documentation

Upload and Translate a Document

This call uploads a document and queues it for translation. The call returns once the upload is complete, returning a document ID and key which can be used to [query the translation status]( and to [download the translated document]( once translation is complete. Because the request includes a file upload, it must be an HTTP POST request with content type `multipart/form-data`. Please be aware that the uploaded document is automatically removed from the server once the translated document has been downloaded. You have to upload the document again in order to restart the translation. The maximum upload limit for documents is [available here]( and may vary based on API plan and document type. You may specify the glossary to use for the document translation using the `glossary_id` parameter. **Important:** This requires the `source_lang` parameter to be set and the language pair of the glossary has to match the language pair of the request.

Check Document Status

Retrieve the current status of a document translation process. If the translation is still in progress, the estimated time remaining is also included in the response.

Download Translated Document

Once the status of the document translation process is `done`, the result can be downloaded. For privacy reasons the translated document is automatically removed from the server once it was downloaded and cannot be downloaded again.

List all Glossaries

List all glossaries and their meta-information, but not the glossary entries.

Create a Glossary

Retrieve Glossary Details

Retrieve meta information for a single glossary, omitting the glossary entries.

Delete a Glossary

Deletes the specified glossary.

Retrieve Glossary Entries

List the entries of a single glossary in the format specified by the `Accept` header.

List Language Pairs Supported by Glossaries

Retrieve the list of language pairs supported by the glossary feature.

Retrieve Supported Languages

Retrieve the list of languages that are currently supported for translation, either as source or target language, respectively.

Request Translation

The translate function. The total request body size must not exceed 128 KiB (128 · 1024 bytes). Please split up your text into multiple calls if it exceeds this limit.

Check Usage and Limits

Retrieve usage information within the current billing period together with the corresponding account limits. Usage is returned for: - translated characters - translated documents - translated documents, team totals (for team accounts only) Character usage includes both text and document translations, and is measured by the source text length in Unicode code points, so for example "A", "Δ", "あ", and "深" are each counted as a single character. Document usage only includes document translations, and is measured in individual documents. Depending on the user account type, some usage types will be omitted. Character usage is only included for developer accounts. Document usage is only included for non-developer accounts, and team-combined document usage is only included for non-developer team accounts.

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