The CloudSoda platform enables content ingestion, camera-to-cloud workflow, archive, and content collaboration, all while providing insightful cost visibility and advanced business intelligence (BI) for any storage type.

Accelerate • Analyze • Succeed

Purpose-built for the media and entertainment industry—including post-production, sports, VFX, animation companies, and more—CloudSoda’s solutions deliver unprecedented control of the entire storage ecosystem.

Take Control of Your Costs

CloudSoda helps you understand your data’s value, storage costs, and time and expense associated with data movement. Whether you’re archiving data on-prem or to public or private clouds, CloudSoda provides users with a comprehensive and easy-to-use data management application that is flexible enough to contend with the complexities of managing multiple storage targets, wherever they are.

Supported Operations

CloudSoda API

List Groups

Returns a collection of all visible groups.

Create Group

Allows for a new group to be created.

Show Group

Show the requested group

Update a Group

Update an existing group

Delete a Group

Delete an existing group.

List Jobs

Returns a collection of all visible jobs.

Create Job

Allows for a new job to be created. `"dryRun:" true` indicates the job should not be executed and just return cost estimates.

Show Job

Show the requested job

Update a Job

Update an existing job. Currently only updating the job status is supported.

List Job Errors

You can use this endpoint to get errors and warnings associated with file transfers in a given job.\ \ The endpoint returns a collection of all errors and warnings associated with a job. Each item in the collection includes information about a warning or error pertaining to a particular file transfer.

List Job Transfers

This endpoint allows you to check on the status of file transfers associated with a job ID.\ \ The endpoint returns a collection of all transfers associated with a job. Each item in the collection contains information about the path, size and hash of a transferred file. The status attribute indicates the status of the transfer for the particular file.

List Storages

Returns a collection of all storages.

Show Storage

Show the requested storage

List Users

Returns a collection of all visible users.

Create User

Allows for a new user to be created. Password credentials cannot be provided, so a user created through this method cannot login without granting access through the administrative dashboard.

Show User

Show the requested user

Update a User

Update an existing user

Delete a User

Delete an existing user account.


This item is available for early access. It is still in development and may contain experimental features or limitations.

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