Microsoft Azure Cost Management is a tool used to monitor, analyze, and optimize the expenses associated with using Microsoft Azure cloud services. It provides users with insights into their cloud spending, helping them understand where their resources are being utilized and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.

Azure Cost Management allows users to track usage patterns, set budgets, and receive alerts when spending exceeds predefined thresholds. It also offers detailed reports and visualizations that assist in identifying areas for cost reduction, such as idle or underutilized resources. Overall, Azure Cost Management helps businesses and individuals manage their Azure cloud expenses effectively and make informed decisions to optimize their cloud usage.

Supported Operations

Cost Management API

Lists all of the available cost management REST API operations.

Lists the dimensions by the defined scope.

The operation to list all exports at the given scope.

The operation to get the export for the defined scope by export name.

The operation to create or update a export. Update operation requires latest eTag to be set in the request. You may obtain the latest eTag by performing a get operation. Create operation does not require eTag.

The operation to delete a export.

The operation to execute a export.

The operation to get the execution history of an export for the defined scope by export name.

Query the usage data for scope defined.


This item is available for early access. It is still in development and may contain experimental features or limitations.

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