​Ayrshare gives you the tools to send and manage social media posts via a unified API. You can schedule social media posts to Twitter, Facebook Pages and Groups, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Pinterest, TikTok, and Telegram via a REST API. You can post to all your, or your user's, linked social networks with a single API call.

  • Send real-time or scheduled posts to your social media accounts from your platform.
  • Post any content including text, images, or videos to one or multiple social networks.
  • Get up and running in minutes with a few lines of code with easy to use examples.
Supported Operations


Analytis on a Shortened Link

Get shortened link analytics. Note, click counts could take up to an hour to reflect in the analytics data.

Analytics on a Post

Get real-time analytics such as likes, impressions, retweets, etc for a given post that originated via Ayrshare. Will only return the analytics of networks where the post was sent.

Analytics on a Social Network

Get analytics and demographics on a user's social profile, such as impressions, views, and followers.

Automatically add hashtags to your post

Automatically generate hashtags for posts based on the most relevant keywords. Takes into account real-time hashtag popularity.

Delete Auto Schedule

Delete a particular auto schedule. Provide the title of the schedule or "default" is used.

List Auto Schedule

List the active auto schedules. Returns an array of schedules with titles, times, and last scheduled date. The next auto scheduled post will start at the last scheduled date.

Set Auto Schedule

Set up an auto-post schedule by providing times to send. Post will automatically be sent at the next available time. If no more times are available today, the first available time tomorrow will be used, and so on.

Get Comments

Get the comments for a given top-level post ID. Available for Facebook Pages, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Post a Comment

Add a comment to a post. Available for Facebook Pages, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Add an RSS Feed

Add a new RSS feed for automated posting of new articles. Posts will be automatically sent to your linked social accounts.

Delete RSS Feed

Delete an RSS Feed that was previously added.

List History of Sent and Scheduled Posts

Get a history of all posts sent via Ayrshare, in descending order (most recent to oldest).

List Registered Webhooks

List the registered webhooks.

Register Webhhok

Register a new Webhook. See below sections for more details on the actions. A Webhook must be registered with the Primary Profile.

Unregister Webhook

Unregister the webhook associated with the action.

Get all media

Retrieve all the images uploaded to the image gallery include resized images ideal for Instagram.

Upload Image or Video

This endpoint allows you to upload a file or an image or small video to include in your post. Returned will be the URL to the image that can be used in the /post endpoint.

Get Upload URL for Large Media Files

For file uploads greater than 10 MB, obtain a URL to upload a file. - Maximum file upload size 5 GB. - Upload URL valid for 30 minutes after being generated. - Access URL available for 30 days after uploaded. All sent posts are unaffected.

Send a Post

Post to the social networks you have enabled in the web dashboard. If you want to post to one or many client profiles, please see the /profiles endpoint.

Delete a Post

Delete a a post from all social networks or bulk delete pending scheduled posts. Takes a post id returned from the /post. Note, Instagram and Facebook Groups do not yet support delete.

Bulk Post

Bulk schedule posts with CSV (Comma Separated Values) file of posts data. Content-Type must be multipart/form-data.

Get User Profiles

Get all the profiles associated with the primary account.

Generate a JWT

Generate a JSON Web Token for use with single sign on. Used if you do not want to generate the JWT yourself. Also provided is the URL that can directly be used for SSO. The JWT URL is valid for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes you must generate a new JWT URL.

Create a User Profile

Create a new profile under your primary account. The Profile Key of the newly created profile is returned. Use the Profile Key to manage and post on behalf of your client.

Delete a User Profile

Delete a profile you are the owner of.

Update a User Profile

Update an existing profile's title, hide title, list of disabled social platforms, or display title.

Shorten a URL

URL Shortener. Submit a URL and get a shortened URL to save characters, e.g. Twitter. Note: in the /post endpoint you automatically shorten URLs in the post text.

Get User Profile Details

Get information on the user or user profile including linked social networks and social usernames.


This item is available for early access. It is still in development and may contain experimental features or limitations.

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